They say Penguins can't fly.. so you'll need to run, slide and hop in order to save the scattered baby penguins!

Help Scoot the Penguin rescue his little bros from the confines of their eggs and then have an adventure running around the arctic back to the nest!

Game is still in development but this is just to get feedback on controls and test HTML5 distribution

Controls (Gamepad Recommended):

  • GAMEPAD (based on Xbox)
    • Run = "Left / Right on Left Joystick"
    • Jump = "A"
    • Duck = "Down on Left Joystick"
    • Dash = "Right Trigger"
    • Reset = "Back / Select"
    • Next Room = "Right on D-Pad"
    • Previous Room = "Left on D-Pad"
    • Movement Left / Right = "A" / "D"
    • Jump = "W" or "Up Arrow"
    • Duck = "S"
    • Dash = "Space"
    • Reset = "R"
    • NextRoom/PreviousRoom = "PageUp/PageDown"

For more info check out:

Code and Art by @Venwah
Music by Jonathan Fobbs @Late Watch

Check out the Facebook page for updates:


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I couldnt go to the next room and i think the jump key should be W. What happend when i pressed the left arrow? Although of this, Its a really coll game with a very interesting idea.


Thanks Peu3!
Haha the left arrow was an unused "Projectile" lol Next version will surely have "W" as jump. Thanks for the feedback :D