The Guarding of Eden (Alpha Build) - July 31st, 2016


CONTROLS (Gamepad Recommended):

GAMEPAD (based on Xbox360)

  • Left Joystick (Left / Right) = RUN
  • A Button = Jump / Double-Jump / WallJump
  • B Button = Unused (TBD)
  • X Button = Shoot Fireball
  • Y Button = Swing Sword (On ground and Aerial)
  • Left Trigger (L2) = Fireball Select: Small / Large / Blast
  • Right Trigger (R2) = Dash
  • Start = Begin Game
  • Reset = "Back / Select"
  • Left Bumper (L1) = Previous Room
  • Right Bumper (R1) = Next Room


  • A = Run Left
  • D = Run Right
  • W = Jump / Double Jump
  • Space-bar = Dash
  • J = Shoot Fireball
  • K = Swing Sword
  • Z = Cycle Firball types
  • R = Reset
  • ESC = Exit
  • NumPad +(plus sign) = Next Room
  • NumPad - (minus sign) = Previous Room



1) Please note this is only an ALPHA BUILD of the game and not entirely representative of the final product. That means there are bound to be several issues lurking... For example, I am aware the system for Slash getting "hurt" by the enemies needs work. The art, sound and other assets are not final.

If you do discover any bugs/glitches please email:

This HTML5 web version has also been "slimmed-down" to run smoothly on a variety of different machines and browsers.

2) What is presented here is a draft of a small dungeon. It includes hazards, crates, collectibles, a few enemy types, and a miniboss.
The rooms available are:
  • Menu >
  • Dungeon Incinerator room 1 >
  • Incinerator room 2 (Miniboss) >
  • Testing Room 1

3) The first music track is brought to you by Jonathan Fobbs of LATE WATCH.

You can see the latest news about all things development here: The Guarding of Eden: Home Page


Copyright (c) 2016 LIGHTHEART LABS, LLC


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Published169 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Dragons, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Story Rich
Player countSingleplayer

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